TALARIA POWER TECH (CHONGQING) CO., LTD is a leading player and promoter for the motorcycle evolution. We focus on the design, R&D and manufacture for high-performance lightweight electric motorcycles. By combining state-of-the-art electric technology and modern manufacturing processes, TALARIA produces hi-tech performance motorcycles that are efficient, agile and exhilarating to ride. The aircraft-grade aluminum frame is pressure forged using six thousand tons to guarantee strength and minimize weight. The performance is delivered by using the unique TALARIA electric powertrain, combining a highly efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor and master crafted gearbox for a smooth powerful ride. SinceTALARIA’s first electric motorcycle has been released, it has rapidly found interest from all over the world. TALARIA is now known as an international electric motorcycle brand. We intend to provide riders with an amazing new off-road experience.


TALARIA CANADA developed a reputation for honesty and high quality products amongst the electric motorcycle community. We are always working at growing our huge selection of products to provide the best experience to our Canadian customers. We are also committed at providing customers with exceptional customer service before, during and after the purchase from our dealers. We care about the people in the community and our aim is to continuously provide high quality products to our friendly customers.